Sheena Yap Chan

Everyone I know hates selling stuff online. I don’t mean the profit, I mean setting it up, getting hosting, finding a membership plugin. Then creating your content. Then adding the video links. It’s awful, tedious and slow. In fact, I know from the emails I get - that all the tech hassle puts people off. Plus not to mention the hundreds of hard earned dollars you spend on your overhead costs. Yet, in 2016, we should all be selling what we know. Sadly, selling a PDF doesn’t get you much treasure nowadays. So what’s the solution? How about this: Check out our amazing Bonus Package for the launch of something that will blow you away, and save you alot of money and time. I teamed up with a group of really smart marketers to bring this to you. - A membership platform that does’t need any hosting - A system that creates your course from existing - right down to adding your videos to lessons - An intelligent drip feeding system that lets you create evergreen recurring income - A system that you don’t need a PC to use. You can run it off your cellphone or tablet. - built in autoresponder - Built in Marketing pages (Any kind of page and customization you can image) - Built in tracking This is going to shave off over $450 per month on tools I had to have before... Plus we are adding in a 5 Week Study group and Mastermind called the Focus Formula....check out the details here. This alone will fast track your success, and Its something I will be charging over $997 for after the launch (Free when you purchase smart member through the link above) I’m guessing that sounds perfect to you. The catch is - all of these ‘cloud based’ platforms have hideous recurring monthly billing. So if your still on the fence about having a membership system I totally understand why. In fact I agree with you. That’s why for the launch week only, Chris is offering Smart Member for life, for less than a single payment to one of these other cloud services. You get the easiest Membership platform in existence and the biggest savings imaginable: Here is our direct link to purchase this lifetime deal, and lock in your bonuses. You will be automatically added to our private group, and to our Membership Profits members only study group. My business partner Garry will fill you in on the details. Talk later, Sheena Yap Chan PS - If you’re still unsure about having a membership platform remember this. You never know when that ‘million dollar idea’ will strike. Or that ‘thousand dollar idea’. Smart Member gets all of those billing and technical hassles out of your way. You NEED to get on board and lock in the savings:
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